Friday, 21 September 2012

Thursday, 13 September 2012

There is such a thing as Cloudberries

There is such a thing as cloudberries.
Who knew!
Berries like little amber clouds and they grow in Norway!

Last month I took part in a nature swap organised by  A butterfly in my hair (she is full of good ideas like that!). Names were chosen randomly and it turned out that V and I were each others "swappers".

Such a lovely surprise to hear a package drop through the letterbox. A parcel full of nature treasures and a handwritten note. With postage marks from Norway on it.

The shell and stone are from the north of Norway and the other pieces are from V's garden. The petals I can't stop sniffing and V suggested putting them in a cup of herbal tea (But I think they smell too nice for that! Maybe I will save them for a special goldeny Autumn afternoon cup of tea). The soap is made from cloudberries. (First time I ever heard of cloudberries!) The two postcards of girls with flowers are a lovely take on the nature theme - one of them is by an amazing Norwegian artist, Kirstin Vestgard.

Go raibh míle maith agat (thank you!) V

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


These past few days, golden leaves speckling the footpaths, decorating my walks. Not many yet, just hints, but every day a few speckles more.

Beginnings and ends of days cooler. The trees and birds and air are quieter and more still - as if remembering to prepare for their Winter sleep to come.

During the days, sunny with blue skies and delicate wispy ribbons for clouds - September hasn't quite cast off August yet and I can still bring my cup of tea outdoors.

So cute to see the little girls and boys starting school for the first time yesterday with their brand new schoolbags and uniforms. 

Above, a couple of illustrations from a children's book  I illustrated a while back.