Saturday, 30 November 2013

Look up.

4.40pm. Clean my brushes. Empty the jar of water. Put away the watercolours and wipe the palette clean. For a listening appointment. Two robins and a few blackbirds. According to the clock, the daily appointment is not the same every evening, it depends on the light and when it begins to depart to let the night come early. Every evening it is a treat, to eavesdrop on their bird gossip. And to have it accompanied by a burning sky as it was last week.

Blazing end-of-November dusks. Goodbye to the second last month of the year! December is on the doorstep!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pools of November light

Chancing upon pools of sunlight reposing among the trees. Fallen leaves painting pools of bright yellow against the brown earth. Pools of orange light peeking out the windows of homes in the darkening early evening. 

Above: Come on in for a little homespun music. Feet soon warm up with tapping toes. Fingers get warm around cups of warm drinks. Ears glow with mandolin and piano tinkles. Anyone can join in!