Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I hear wings. Flapping around the eaves and flapping through the trees. I hear leaves rustling in the breeze (that is one of my favourite sounds). Harder to hear because they are very light, but every now and then raindrops on the window. From the kitchen I hear the kettle singing ... and soon I hope to hear the pouring of boiling water and the clink-clink of teaspoons and cups.

Thank you so much to everyone who asked about my owl painting (I never knew owls were so popular :)). It is now available as print in my on-line shop

Friday, 15 May 2015

A lacemaker and a florist

Yesterday the sun and the breeze whispered light and shade through the brand new leaves. Today is cloudy and grey but the trees are still trying out their new leaves, still whispering and sighing. Gentle rustlings of early Summer. I hope the sun comes back tomorrow to join in again, for a day to be spent drawing in town.

Above: a lacemaker who is also a florist. Doesn't that sound like a fairytale job description?! :)

Green rustlings to your weekend :)