Monday, 9 February 2015

Hearts. And cups.

There is a day in the middle of February that is set aside for hearts. Though, if we choose, every day can be a day for hearts. Little hearts, big hearts. An elderly man who I often pass on my walk (we only ever nod and smile at each other as we meet), stopped me this morning, laughing how we always pass each other at some point on the walk. He told me I always had a smile for him (I didn't know that!) and it made him happy. Him telling me that cheered my day. He told me his name so that the next time we pass each other on our walks we would know each other.
For Valentine's Day, my A4 print, "We're Always Connected by Underground Wires," available in my small on-line shop.

And, speaking of connections, I had a lovely cup-of-tea-interview with A Butterfly in my hair blog. This is how many cups of tea I drank while being interviewed! It is nice to be connected with so many tea drinkers :)

PS. Did you know St. Valentine is buried in Dublin?

Monday, 2 February 2015

Take a seat

Take a seat. Or pull up a chair.
Just show up. Every morning. Or every evening. Or in the afternoon.
Do you have a chair to sit? To be. A seat for a few moments of meditation, a few minutes of reflection. Or reverie. A seat to watch the sunrise or sunset.

February has blown in with the North wind. I heard a weather forecaster describe the north wind as a "clean" wind. Clean and fresh and cold she has ushered February in.