Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Nollaig Shona. Happy Christmas.

White winter berries, red berries, holly, scents of pine, rustling sounds, and Christmas roses (the white flower, I never knew there was such a thing!), cosy cups of warm and sweet, in-between last-minute things, ribbons, envelopes, twinkling lights brightening up the darkest nights. Wishing all these and warm winter wishes to all who have visited here in the past year. Thank you. See you soon.
And ♥️'s to those who might be lonely, alone or cold at this time of year.

A merry Christmas gift-away: if you would like a chance to win my print "We're Always Connected By Underground Wires",  A butterfly in my hair blog is spreading some Christmas joy along with some other beautiful handmade gifts by some talented and lovely ladies. Good luck!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Near and Far

Thinking of someone faraway? A friend on the other side of the world? A loved one ten thousand or just 10 kilometres away? My illustration, "We're Always Connected By Underground Wires" now available as an A4 print in my little on-line shop.  

Early evening very near - sunset at 4.07pm. Summer and sunlight a faraway memory, the closeness now of a candle and some twinkly lights.

Addressing envelopes with faraway addresses, a moment of nearness.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Remember the birds

Hello first day of December. Mild and misty you are this first morning. Milder on the western seaboard, the weatherman says on the radio, and rain on the way for the afternoon, spreading from the west. The afternoon will be for painting so.

My 94 year old Grand-uncle farmer sits by his window, also in the west of Ireland, observing the weather and the birds - he cannot walk out and about as much these days - but he always feeds the birds and he says they come back and sing for him. They are good company those little friends.  The painting above is inspired by him (available as an A4 print in my little shop). Don't forget to feed the birds this winter - it will be like a song investment!