Monday, 17 November 2014

Open. On a Monday in November.


After many weeks hammering and sawing and constructing and arranging, my little on-line shop is officially open! On a soft Monday afternoon in November, the footpaths a little wet and slippy with leaves but the air mild and the light infused with a gentle ray of sunlight. You are very welcome to take a peek!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Grey greetings November

A November weekend unfolding in many tones of grey. Paynes grey mixed with tiniest splash of Ultramarine blue and an even tinier splash of pale yellow for a wash of sky. River reflecting that grey but darkened with burnt umber. Greys that are 5000 thousand years in this landscape; stones carried by many hands to make a monument of light. How did they know the course of the sun so well. A silvery grey the moment a mist descended. Crows cawing, the perfect sound accompaniment for the greying afternoon.

Happy new week with scents of fresh wet leaves and misty morning walks.