Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Scattering and reaching without moving

The sun stays low in the sky these days. Tall trees casting even longer shadows. Across fields and gardens and buildings and roads. To places far from where they are rooted. Touching a corner of a field or garden they could never have dreamt of reaching in their immobility. And the leaves too, gathered up by the wind and scattered far from where they grew. A little travel adventure.

Above, a painting inspired by my almost 93 year old Grand-Uncle. All summer long a blackbird in the apple trees outside his window, where he sits all day, came to sing. He thought maybe it was a bird who had come for breadcrumbs on his bird table the Winter before. He said the Blackbird had repaid him in full.


  1. I just LOVE everything about this post. That is such a wonderful thought (and beautifully and succinctly written) about the trees reaching out across fields to touch new places.
    I also love what your Grand-Uncle said - and I totally agree with him, we have a pair here.
    Your picture is a lovely spot of sunshine and warmth on a cold and rather damp day.
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Richard!
    I've been thinking lately, maybe it's the same with people as for trees: maybe it is the times that we are most confined, disabled or immobile that we, unbeknownst to ourselves, reach places we could never imagine.