Saturday, 6 July 2013

She "introduced" me to cloudberries

July sunshine and Morning were smiling to each other this morning and I went out and made a third. Sitting on a wooden bench under the dappled shade of two apple trees. With a coffee. And my camera and a letter to read.  The leafy trees put on a show, thrilling blissfully as the breezes rushed through them.

Above, a painting for a girl who introduced me to cloudberries (they are the little flowers painted around her feet). She is a talented knitter and a tea connoisseur! 


  1. i love that illustration and the inspiration behind it! it sounds like the most lovely of days you had :)
    (i do not know cloudberries! but am now intrigued)

    1. the cloudberries are actually in season here now. it is a berry that is very hard to find and when poeple first find a place where they grow they usually keep the place as a secret and come back there next year to pick too. a old man that lived here before were known for knowing the best cloudberry spots and
      each year he went there to pick alone, on "his" secret spots. he gave me a little bucket once filled with fresh ones : ) i made jam with them and we enjoyed them on warm waffles together with sour cream...YUM : ))

    2. Even the name, cloudberries, sounds so intriguing! Thank you Lori ann!

  2. a chara

    i feel hugely spoiled (and deeply moved,grateful and happy) by having this beautiful painting in my house, decorating our livingroom wall!: )
    oh myyyy: thank you for this wonderful description of me here...*blushing*...

    just made myself a cup of delicious "bad weather" tea despite of the lovely weather : ) and enjoying the sounds of nature that i am sourrounded by while sitting at the veranda. going to have a lazy sunday today, the only thing i will do today i think is to make a raspberry pie (and of course do some knitting and drink tea).

    sitting under the trees with a cup of coffee while reading hand written letters: THAT is pure joy isn't it : )



    "I have discovered that it is enough
    when a single note is beautifully played.
    This one note, or a silent beat,
    or a moment of silence, comforts me."

    - Arvo Pärt.

    1. I'm happy and grateful to hear that it is on your living room wall :)
      Sounds like you had a lovely day too! Yes, sitting under trees with a cup of coffee reading handwritten letters is joy - it's the simple things isn't it! :)

  3. ps:
    this is a nice cloudberry link : )

    1. Highland gold! And I love your story about the old neighbour who knew the "secret spots".

  4. oh, that is such a lovely illustration and so perfect for Vibeke! :)

    and thanks for dropping a note and visiting my blog, it's so nice to "meet" you.

  5. I never (I think) have seen one around here!!
    V is a great friend and always introduces unknown things for me!