Saturday, 13 September 2014

September sunsets and supermoons

Reaching the coast in Dublin, just in time to see the super-full-harvest moon rise over the horizon line in the east.

Turning around to face west, the sky on fire.

September sunset dips behind the horizon so quickly. Impossible to catch the exact moment.

The view in that glass tower! East, west, north and south all at once. I wouldn't know where to look.

Sky fire, bleeding into the sea.

The scent of the sea. The scent of an Autumn night. Cooler air beginning to nip at fingers.

Light departing to let the earth be one with night.

More and more lights glimmering. Time to go home. After the first hot chocolate of the season to warm cold fingers.


  1. What a wonderful and beautiful evening. I can feel the stillness of the air and the chill of the slow encroachment of night just looking at these photographs

  2. Thank you Wingfall at dusk. Yes, the air was very still that evening, September stillness, different from Summer stillness!