Monday, 15 December 2014

Near and Far

Thinking of someone faraway? A friend on the other side of the world? A loved one ten thousand or just 10 kilometres away? My illustration, "We're Always Connected By Underground Wires" now available as an A4 print in my little on-line shop.  

Early evening very near - sunset at 4.07pm. Summer and sunlight a faraway memory, the closeness now of a candle and some twinkly lights.

Addressing envelopes with faraway addresses, a moment of nearness.


  1. i haven't been updated on my favourite blogs, among them yours, for such a loooong time
    to my BIG surprise and happiness when visiting you now i see that you have opened your own online shop!!! CONGRATULATIONS. so happy for you : )
    ♥LOVE your work,

    frost glitter and warm hugs

  2. Dear Vibeke!
    Thank you soOOoo much!
    Frosty frost glitter and warmest of hugs to you too!

  3. just me....visiting this lovely space of yours again, while drinking my evening tea. i have just been given a new tea from a far away friend that i first tasted today, delicious....the taste and scent carries with it the promises of a coming spring after a long winter..*smiling.. delicious, wish we could have shared a pot of this you and i!
    i have been thinking about this specific print of yours lately and how much i LOVE the title you have picked for it. truly looking forward to see your baby (on-line shop) grow : )

    your friend V

  4. :)
    So happy to have you visit here, you are welcome with a cup of tea anytime!
    "We Are Always Connected By Underground Wires", grateful for these connections!