Monday, 2 February 2015

Take a seat

Take a seat. Or pull up a chair.
Just show up. Every morning. Or every evening. Or in the afternoon.
Do you have a chair to sit? To be. A seat for a few moments of meditation, a few minutes of reflection. Or reverie. A seat to watch the sunrise or sunset.

February has blown in with the North wind. I heard a weather forecaster describe the north wind as a "clean" wind. Clean and fresh and cold she has ushered February in.


  1. I do have a chair and it is very special to me, My chair was given to me by my mother when my first baby was born and I sit and rock in it daily. To me it's more than in chair, it has rocked to joy, tears, laughter, sorrow, love, it's part of my life.
    Beautiful painting.

  2. A beautiful story and heirloom Tracey - Clover. Lovely to hear where you sit daily!