Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rain, Snow and Daffodils

March days have arrived with a little bit of capriciousness. With rain and snow flurries and cloud and wind and sun. And more wind. Chancing on little moments of warmth in those patches of sun. More and more yellow being painted into each day. Twice I was unable to resist bunches of sunshine (otherwise known as daffodils) from the local grocery shop for only a few euro. Little surprises of dabs of paint (crocuses and snowdrops and blossom) under trees and on trees. And best of all, birdsong concerts accompanying each evening now.


  1. I think your word capricious is spot on for describing March :) love that bouquet of sunshine!

    1. Thank you Leigh, it was tricky trying to put my finger on what March was doing! Glad to share some of the sunshine bouquet :)