Saturday, 1 February 2014

The year's at the Spring

The first day of Spring, though nobody has told the weather. Wintry colours and sounds all around. Splashing through puddles of Burnt Umber and Paynes Grey. Wild wind painting crimson and red onto cheeks, each face a different shade. The wind also catching and carrying voices here and there to who knows where. Bell tinkling over coffee shop door. Cup of coffee waiting to warm up cold fingers again while raindrops and wind continue their chorus on the window.

At my desk, different colours to those outdoors, wishes for Spring: pinks, reds, lilacs, and drops of Spring shower blues.

Hints and hopes of Spring, goodbye to January, hello to February :)


  1. I love the pictures you paint with colours and words. This is lovely.
    The birds are beginning to sing their spring songs here!

  2. Thank you Wingfall at dusk! Happy to hear that - and happy to hear the birds are beginning to sing Spring where you are!