Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday in June miscellany

It rained all day today. But it was a nice, cosy soundtrack whilst painting at my table. The birds remembered, though the weather forgot, that it was June and chirped through the rain. Thinking about the weather outside today, remembering the weather last friday on a sunny evening walk during a weekend trip to the west..... 

Collecting flowers from along the roadside. I hope my aunt wont mind me putting them in a jar on her kitchen table.

Sun beginning to set. The little triangle in the distance is Croagh Patrick, 60km away in the distance, 764metres high (a big triangle really!).

This song has me bopping in my chair while painting, with the rain for company :)


  1. Oh, how wonderfully evocative this is! It has been such a beautiful year so far for wild flowers.