Friday, 30 January 2015

Paint the sky

End-of-January-evenings are painting the skies with  pink and orange sunsets. And end-of-January-evenings' light is touching further into my room and longer into the days. Birds going delirious every evening this week between 4.30-5pm, making my last half hour of the day painting go very happily.  Their sounds seeming to touch simultaneously on both old memories and future hopes of Spring. How is it that every year Spring feels both old and new?


  1. The sunsets have been stunning here too, drawing me outside to stand in amazement. I am having a hard time
    realizing that it is almost February, 2015 is moving fast.
    Enjoy your painting and a great weekend.

  2. like Tracey i feel that the start of this new year is moving fast...despite that i am longing for spring i still feel that january went by way too speedy.
    the sunsets have been gorgeous here too. and the increasing of daylight is simply heavenly : )

    wishing you a joyus february filled with wonderful signs of spring.

    1. You too Vibeke, lets look for those signs of Spring :)